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02.27.13 via CompetitorsWOD.blogspot.com
CrossFit New England coach Ben Bergeron gives three tips to aspiring Games competitors.
02.27.13 via Facebook.com
She's coming for you, Camille.
02.26.13 via Twitter.com
I'm 5'6" and 153lbs. Proud of it! But man do I get pissed when people call me one of the "big" girls in CrossFit! I'm powerful & fast.
02.25.13 via Instagram.com
Do it even if you think you're not ready! You will be challenged. You will improve. You will grow from the experience.
02.22.13 via Greatist.com
Christy Phillips is a four-time Games competitor and one of the world’s best CrossFitters, finishing 11th place in 2012
02.19.13 via YouTube.com
The SoCal competitor hang squat cleans 310 pounds twice.
02.19.13 via YouTube.com
Nice try there, Kyle.
02.18.13 via YouTube.com
Lucas Parker is ready.
02.18.13 via Kenneth Leverich
What's more impressive: the snatch, or the backflip?
02.18.13 via YouTube.com
The 41-year-old Games competitor has learned another skill.
02.15.13 via Aja Barto
Congrats to the lifts that are completed with straps ... but if you are going to publicize and consider it a "PR," let's remove the training wheels
02.14.13 via ChrisSpealler.com
Don’t be afraid to take the risk, but you have to realize that you aren’t defined by your result, it’s not WHO you are, it’s just something you do.
02.14.13 via Spencer Hendel
Spencer Hendel hates HAM.
02.14.13 via YouTube.com
Moving on from the CrossFit Omaha team to the 40-44 Masters Division.
02.13.13 via LesReallyIsMore.Blogspot.com
Learning your weaknesses is just as an important part of the Open as learning your strengths.
02.13.13 via YouTube.com
Twenty pounds heavier than her final snatch at the 2012 North Central Regional.
02.12.13 via YouTube.com
After missing the Games by just three spots, Friedman has been training hard for 2013.
02.11.13 via ElisabethAkinwale.com
Is it OK for women to have muscles? Is strong really better than skinny?
02.11.13 via YouTube.com
Just another Friday night.