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08.19.13 via JulieFoucher.com
Why is it that women frequently lack confidence in their ability to succeed?
08.08.13 via WickedLocal.com
The Olympic gold medalist took 9th at the CrossFit Games.
07.24.13 via ESPNW
ESPNW makes their pick.
07.12.13 via Facebook.com
Mikko Aronpaa is.
07.10.13 via Facebook.com
Nine months after shoulder surgery.
07.03.13 via YouTube.com
Her first in 9 years.
06.20.13 via CrossFit204.com
Answer: yes.
06.13.13 via Practice CrossFit
The champ broke three Event records. A farm boy staged a comeback worthy of the podium. And a woman no one knew, captivated a crowd.
06.12.13 via CrossFitVitality.com
When I picked up that bar and went unbroken, I heard the 60-plus Vitality folks roar, and it literally felt like the ground was shaking.
06.12.13 via theTelegraph.com.au
Lynne Fitzharris will compete in the 45-49 Division while her daughter, Courtney, competes alongside CrossFit Active.
06.11.13 via The Columbus Dispatch
With one event left Marcus Hendren was on the outside looking in. Sitting in 6th place, Hendren needed to pull off a miracle, and that is what he delivered.
06.04.13 via Random Thoughts from a Restless Mind
We have folks at home making rules calls. Evaluating judges’ calls no differently than we see people talking about balls and strikes, one foot inbounds or two, charging or a block.
06.04.13 via LATimes.com
The Galaxy's home stadium in Carson, formerly known as Home Depot Center, became StubHub Center on Saturday.
05.23.13 via CrossFitInvictus.com
"The strong learn how to handle and control their mind when it starts to rant, rave and tell them to stop what they’re doing. The weak let it take over and OWN them."
05.22.13 via Facebook.com
No vest in 5:19. With vest? 10:53.
04.29.13 via ShorelineCrossFit.com
To achieve true success in a faster period of time, I need to stop focusing on beating the other girl and beat this girl (thumbs pointing at me).
04.16.13 via ChrisSpealler.com
I started CrossFit in 2006 and there wasn’t an affiliate in site. Not one in the state, now Utah is full of them and it’s only growing more by the month. I got in trouble for dropping weights, taking too many bars for workouts
04.15.13 via Facebook.com
"Not quite lifting like Lindsey (Valenzuela), but getting there. 205-pound clean and jerk PB. (I) missed 210 pounds, but it will be mine!"
04.10.13 via That5FtKid.Tumblr.com
So I guess what I’m saying is that, like life, CrossFit is a game of choices. You decide what you want out of it and you deal with the consequences that come with it.
04.08.13 via CrossFitLisbeth.com
1.) You can’t just want it really bad. You have to train really freakin’ hard all year too. Duh.