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Going Down Swinging: Ken Greaves
At 6-feet all and 170 pounds, he might not look like a threat, but you'd be wrong to underestimate him. When asked if there are any elements that make him stand out from the CrossFit...
Judge's Training: South West Regional
"We went into Regionals having seen the workouts done several times."   Six weeks before the first day of the South West Regional — and more than three weeks before Regional Workouts...
A Look Into the Life of Marcus Hendren
Marcus Hendren was picked as Matt Chan's dark horse ... now he's headed to the Games. Marcus Hendren started doing CrossFit in June of 2011 after watching it online. He opted to sign up...
From Fourth to Second: CrossFit Southie
"If doing well in the Games has anything to do with just having gas in the tank, we'll do great."   It’s a whirlwind time for Amy Ferro and Chris Gosler. The CrossFit Southie coaches...
Meeting the Goal: Megin Oczkowski
"This is all gravy, man. I can see her top 5 in two years," Plumey says.   More than a month before the North East Regional, David Plumey made a prediction. “In looking at the...
Aiming for the Top Ten: Daniel Tyminski
"Of course I will say I want to win it all, but, realistically, it would be great to finish in the top 10."   Iraq War veteran Daniel Tyminski is candid. After returning from a 15-...
Managing Editor of the CrossFit Journal, Mike Warkentin, talks about covering the Sport of Fitness. Over the last three years, Warkentin has seen the sport grow tremendously.  In this video,...
The affiliate that fundraises the most money through CrossFit For Hope by June 24th will have its affiliate fees waived for five years or will receive a luxury suite and 18 tickets to the CrossFit...
The Canada East Comeback
The Canada East Regional provided two exciting stories in both the men's and women's competitions. Fans at the Canada East Regional were treated to two made-for-primetime...
From Triumph to Heartbreak: Emily Bridgers
"I'm truly honored to be 4th in the South East. I just had such high expectations for myself ..." Emily Bridgers of CrossFit Decatur made the world take notice when she finished...
No. 4 After a Heat Stroke: David Charbonneau
Dude, did I finish the workout?   David Charbonneau doesn’t remember the final third of Day 2’s second workout at the North East Regional. After finishing most of the medley of back...
New and Improved: Orlando Trejo
Games fans would be wrong to write off Peru's Orlando Trejo.    Orlando Trejo made headlines after finishing the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open in 5th place worldwide. With 69,000...
Returning to the Games: Aja Barto
"I think that coming into the weekend just mentally prepared for all the workouts helped me." Since his 3rd place finish at the South Central Regional, Aja Barto has been busier...
A look into the last five weeks of Regional competition in 17 regions across the world. 
A Pregnant Pause: Polly Albright
"People are helping me carry bags out of the grocery store. If they only knew what I was doing at the gym."  Polly Albright had a wee bit of inspiration as she tackled the first two days of...
Fitness Lonnie is up to his usual antics at the North West Regional. 
A look into Day 2 of the Europe Regional.