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The regional season has come and gone and we know who is going to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. Host Tommy Marquez takes a look inside the Leaderboard to make predictions for the top three men and...
Sharing its weekend with four other events around the world—Australia, Central East, Europe and North West—the Canada East Regional proved to be an equally riveting show. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and ...
Years in the Making: Nicole Holcomb
"This is something I wanted a long time ago and I never stopped working towards it. It can happen. Dreams do come true." Photos courtesy of Cassidy May. Nicole Holcomb is a three-year...
Competing on the first weekend of Regionals, Canada West athletes knew the top dogs on the men’s side: last year’s Games athletes, Lucas Parker and Tyson Takasaki. But the women’s side was wide open...
First-time regional athlete Nomi Nilson talks about finding CrossFit, her background in gymnastics and track and field, and pacing during the Event 5 chipper.  Nilson finished the regional in 19th...
The most epic moments from the final weekend of the 2014 regional season. 
With Stage 2 of the CrossFit season over "CrossFit Games Update" hosts recap the regional season.
Two Spots Out to Second Overall
"An old friend of mine used to say, 'It's OK to pray for a ditch but don't be afraid to pick up a shovel.'" Photos courtesy of Kimberly Musgrave.  Two spots! Cliff Musgrave missed...
Booze Balance
North West athletes open up about their drinking habits. Cole Sager   Rory Zambard   Ben Stoneberg   Adam Neiffer   Kelsey Nagel   Ashleigh Moe   Main photo / Emily Carothers   On...
The Field Narrows: A Regional Recap
"Regional competitions spanned from Australia to Latin America and across the United States and Canada. We now know who will be competing in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit  Games...
NorCal Update: Day 3
  Jason Khalipa will join Chris Spealler and Becca Voigt as the only athletes making their seventh appearances at the Games. After trying for three years, Chyna...
South West Update: Day 3
All is said and done in the South West. The South West Regional was hit with a stomach virus last night that took out many athletes, including Christian Lucero...
Men Heat 1 - 0:04:50 Men Heat 2 - 0:14:45 Men Heat 3 - 0:24:50 Women Heat 1 - 0:44:45 Women Heat 2 - 0:54:50 Women Heat 3 - 1:04:50 Women Heat 4 - 1:12:43 Men Heat 4 - 1:32:30
Heat 1 - 2:02:05 Heat 2 - 2:26:05 Heat 3 - 2:49:20
Heat 1 - 0:1:55 Heat 2 - 0:26:48 Heat 3 - 0:51:50 Heat 4 - 1:14:35
Heat 1 - 1:50:45Heat 2 - 2:10:35Heat 3 - 2:27:55
Heat 1 - 10:50 Heat 2 - 35:40 Heat 3 - 57:25