July 22, 2021
What Did I Do Today That Was Amazing?

Recording artist, singer-songwriter, mental health advocate, and self-declared “crazy cult member of CrossFit” Anna Clendening took her first CrossFit class in 2015.

During her journey as an athlete, Clendening noticed her first reaction after a lift was often, “How could I do better?” She also noticed her inability to look back and appreciate what she had accomplished and the progress she had made was taking a mental toll.

Clendening, who actively seeks to destigmatize conversations about mental health, often gets help from her therapist, but this time, the help came from a new coach in her gym. One day, the coach told her she needed to ask herself, “What did I do that was amazing?”

Clendening has noticed many CrossFit athletes — Games athletes and gym-goers alike — cling to the competitive nature of the sport and continue to strive to do better. But being proud of their progress and performances can be overshadowed by the desire to surpass other competitors and their own personal bests.

“It’s so easy to cling to the negative,” Clendening says. Instead, she encourages athletes to “tell yourself one thing you did today that you are proud of … It’s keeping yourself in the moment, in a positive moment.”

So, what did you do today that was amazing?


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