March 6, 2012
Stuck at 90: Deana Gillespey

Deana Gillespey of CrossFit Fury wanted to break into the 120-pound snatches, but found that after 90 snatches at 45, 75, and 100 pounds she didn't have it in her. 

Like many Open competitors, Gillespey found herself stuck at the end of a weight level.

Her approach? Unbroken at 45 pounds, by fives at 75 pounds, and singles at 100 pounds.

"As my body got fatigued it was hard to keep my form. I got a little inefficient and pushed out a couple of my singles at 100 pounds," Gillespey says, "That wore me out even more and was my big mistake."

"If I did it again I'd focus on keeping good form," Gillespey says, "Keep a mantra where you drop your butt and keep your chest up."

With 90 snatches on 12.2, Gillespey tied 2011 CrossFit Games competitor Taylor Richards-Lindsay for 12th place in the South West. After the first two workouts, Gillespey is in 42nd place in the region and in the running for the 2012 South West Regional.