January 4, 2012
A Story of Transformation

A little over a year ago, Maura Brown entered Jason Khalipa's affiliate CrossFit Santa Clara weighing 260-lbs. She couldn't do a single air squat, or hang from the pull-up bar. Since then, Maura has lost over 100-lbs. and completely transformed herself.

"You watch over the past year just the transformation as an individual from someone who wasn't as comfortable to now comfortable, happy, proud, and strong," Khalipa says.

CrossFit has helped Brown to, in her words, "live my life fuller every day." She works as a fifth-grade teacher and instructs all subjects, including physical education. Through her experience with CrossFit, Brown now feels that she can be a “true example” for her students of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. She’s even found ways to incorporate nutrition into math class.

Brown’s next step is competing in the CrossFit Games Open. She was originally planning to wait a year to compete. But, then she thought, why not do it this year, and use it as “some kind of marker of where I am now.” And next year, she knows she'll be in even better shape.