June 2, 2013
South West's Top 2 Women After Day 2

Lindsey Cascarina won Event 4 in the morning, and Event 5 in the afternoon. Her Day 2 winning streak moved her to 2nd overall.

"Which is shocking," she says.

Event 4, she admits, is in her wheelhouse.

"I think I was dreading (Event 4) just like everyone else was because it's very mentally challenging. But, for me, I'm not as good at the skills--like muscle-ups, pull-ups, that kind of thing--so I knew that if I was to make some headway in this competition it was going to have to be with guts."

Same with Event 5.

Tiffany Hendrickson has been called a dark horse of the South West for the last couple years. Now, in 2013, those early predictions have tested true. After the second day of competition, Hendrickson has a commanding lead in the overall standings with just 11 points. Hendrickson is 18 points ahead of Cascarina, and 19 points ahead of Becky Conzelman heading into Day 3.

"It's not ever a given, so I'm going to respect that tomorrow, " Hendrickson says.