May 11, 2021
Quarterfinals: A Cross-Continental Comparison of Scores

Although the Quarterfinals leaderboards were separated by continent, the ultimate goal is making it to the CrossFit Games. In this edition of Inside the Leaderboard, Tommy Marquez presents a cross-continental comparison of Individual and Team Quarterfinal performances. Later, Marquez is joined by Spencer Panchik, who hopes to make his debut at the 2021 Games.

Marquez highlights interesting statistics from the Quarterfinals, including the top 10 teams and individual men and women worldwide.

When compared across continents, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom takes first place for the teams, eight-time Games athlete Scott Panchik leads the pack for the men, and 2021 Open winner Tia-Clair Toomey adds yet another first-place finish to her accolades.

Additionally, all three Panchik brothers finished inside the top 10 worldwide, with Spencer Panchik taking the eighth spot, and all are headed to different Semifinal events. Spencer Panchik will compete at the West Coast Classic for the opportunity to qualify for the 2021 Games.

When asked what it would mean to potentially make his Games debut alongside his brothers, Spencer Panchik says, “That would be a dream come true.”

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