March 5, 2012
Not Scared to Lose: Maximilian Mormont on 12.2

Trainer and Director of Fitness at CrossFit Costa Mesa, Maximilian Mormont, was training for the Olympics in Olympic Weightlifting when he was hit a drunk driver. The accident tore his trapezius and led to a series of surgeries.

Despite the injury, Mormont has continued to train and compete.  

"I decided to register for the Open to help out my community, to help out my team," Mormont says, "and then it became something more for me in the sense of giving my athletes and members a chance to take me down."

"I think it's good to lose every once in a while and get your ass handed to you," Mormont says.

He has been able to get more of his members to compete in the Open by saying "Hey, I'm going to do this with one arm." There go your excuses.

"I had a feeling this year there would be heavy snatches or something like that," Mormont says. "When I saw 12.2 I really, really wanted to attack it. I figured this was my workout. I figured they might as well have called it the 'Max.'"

Watch to see how Maximillian does on Open Workout 12.2.