June 1, 2023
Lazar Đukić — Putting Serbia On the CrossFit Map

“It was a real struggle coming from a small country that didn’t have a single CrossFit box when I started. … As I progress through the sport, the community and Serbia progress also. I feel very blessed to be somebody that is charging the way, making it easier for everybody else.”

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Two-time CrossFit Games athlete Lazar Đukić joins host Adrian Conway on the “More Than Fitness” podcast to share his CrossFit start, the impact he hopes to have on the youth in Serbia, and preparing for the 2023 season. 


The six-time Serbia National Champion and former water polo player started CrossFit during a student work trip in the United States. His roommate was familiar with the sport and invited him to do CrossFit Hero workout Murph.

Đukić was hooked. When he returned to Serbia, he bought some equipment and started training at home. 

Đukić qualified for the 2019 CrossFit Games as the National Champion of Serbia but declined his invitation. He instead made his Games debut in 2021, finishing ninth place overall, and returned in 2022 after winning the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown Semifinal.


In today’s episode, Đukić opens up about the struggles he faced as the first CrossFit Games Serbian athlete to pave the way for others in the sport. He hopes his success in CrossFit will serve as inspiration for others in his homeland and plans to coach Serbian athletes at the Games in the future.

Vying for a ticket to Madison, Đukić describes how his training has changed for the 2023 season to avoid burnout early on and discusses the benefits he’s seen in working with specialty coaches. He also shares how his performances in off-season competitions fueled his drive to come back mentally and physically stronger this year.


Listen in to learn how to properly pronounce Đukić’s name, why Open Workouts 19.1 and 20.5 stand out, and why 2023 will be his best year yet.

Watch Đukić — currently ranked fifth worldwide — compete at the Europe Semifinal in Berlin, June 1-4. Watch the Europe Semifinal here.


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