January 8, 2021
Join the 2021 CrossFit Open: A Global Celebration of Fitness

Registration for the Open is live

The competition starts on Thursday, March 11, at 5 p.m. PT, with the release of Open Event 21.1 right here on games.crossfit.com.

CrossFit Open Workout Announcement
Open Event 18.3 Live Announcement


The world's largest participatory sporting event in history starts here. Families, friends, rivals, workout buddies, and CrossFit affiliates around the world connect for a common purpose, striving to reach personal goals while sharing in the victories of others. 

There’s something special about the CrossFit Open, and this year it will be more accessible than ever, with Rx’d, scaled, foundations, along with a chance to compete from home with little or no gear.

The Open offers divisions for all ages from teenagers to masters, and welcomes everyone from beginners to top professionals, as well as — for the first time — adaptive athletes. Better yet, the return of the Affiliate Cup means you can assemble a team to represent your box in the worldwide competition.

Video by Mariah Moore

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