July 20, 2013
'I'm coming for you Rich Froning!'

A self-proclaimed geek, Zach Forrest, is going back to the Games after missing qualification in 2012. Forrest has a full plate--he runs an affiliate, CrossFit Max Effort, works as a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff and trains for the CrossFit Games.

"Training for the Games kinda changes pace a little bit because you have no idea what the events are," Forrest says. "You're gonna want to apply your fitness out in the world with some different modalities like swimming, rock climbing, hiking, maybe a little bit of rucking, maybe some obstacle course. They have the ability to throw some off the wall stuff out there."

So, that's what Forrest is doing to prepare for the Games. He says variance is key and tries to apply that in his training. 

He discusses his strengths and weaknesses, why he competes and his goals for this year. 

Video by Jay Vera.