June 25, 2021
Games Central Ep. 06.24: Week 4 Comebacks & Games Qualifiers

Athletes brought the heat in Week 4 to close the third stage on the road to the Games. Sean Woodland highlights top performances and impressive comebacks from the final trio of Semifinal competitions. Also, learn who is headed to Madison and who will have one last shot to make it there in the Last-Chance Online Qualifier.

All of the top-five individuals from the West Coast Classic have previously competed at the Games. The women from Underdog Athletics, Kari Pearce, Bethany Shadburne, and Danielle Brandon, used their strength and home-field advantage to lead the pack.

The Canadians dominated the top-five on the men’s leaderboard at the Atlas Games. After ending Day 1 in 15th place, Brent Fikowski rebounded with two event wins and two top-ten event finishes to eke into the final qualifying spot by 21 points.

The Russians ruled first place in the Asia Invitational. Stas Solodov already punched his Games ticket through the AGOQ and earned another by coming in first place for the men. Kolesnikov Team led the leaderboard for the teams all weekend and will make their first Games appearance this year.

The Last-Chance Online Qualifier, taking place July 2-4, is the final stop before the Games. Find out which athletes from Week 4 will get their opportunity to throw down for one last chance to punch their ticket.

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