July 8, 2013
Finding Inspiration in Bill Grundler

What do you use for inspiration to dig a little deeper? Forty-four-year-old Sven Seichter uses 44-year-old Bill Grundler's performance to keep him motivated. 

"One of my idols is Bill Grundler," he says of the multi-year competitor. "People like me looking up to him, I say, 'I want to be that guy ... I (want to be) as good.'"

Living in Edinburgh, Scotland, German-born Seichter has been CrossFitting for about six months and has aspirations to compete in the 2014 Open. 

Grundler, the most famous Games athlete never to compete at the Games, is going to be the men's color commentator for the ESPN coverage of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games.