February 10, 2020

Amanda Barnhart: The arena is full. The crowd is roaring. My heart feels like it’s racing out of my chest. My hands are sweaty, and the pressure is indescribable. Before I step out on the floor, I close my eyes, I take a deep breath, and I quietly say to myself, "Be strong, be confident, and do your best."

I’m living my passion. I hope to help lead the way for us. It’s time to show the world what women can do. It’s time to break the stereotypes of what is defined as feminine. It’s time to show off all the hard work we have put in day after day: the long, brutal training sessions, the tears, and the sacrifices that have brought us to this point and shaped us.

Let them talk. It’s our time. We are powerful. We are badass. And we are stronger than their limitations. Strong is beautiful.

Show the world what we can do. Let’s light the way.

Written by two-time CrossFit Games athlete Amanda Barnhart. Video edited by @Mariah.Moore

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