November 2, 2021
Ep. 012: Dave Castro Presents the 2022 Games Season

“It’s ever evolving because you’re learning from mistakes and you’re learning from what works and you’re striving to make it better. We’re in that initial phase of growth and refinement and learning that progress and changing things to make something better is good. Changing things just for the sake of change is not good.”

General Manager of Sport Dave Castro announces what’s new for the 2022 CrossFit Games season. 

The 2022 Open will remain a three-week competition, and to kick off the season, Open announcements are on the road again.  

Adaptive and age group divisions will follow a new qualifying path towards the Games. 

Top adaptive athletes from the Open will be invited to compete in Semifinals before advancing to the Games. For age group athletes, the qualification process will mirror that of the individuals and teams. 

Top athletes from each age group will advance from the Open, to Quarterfinals, and continue to Semifinals, where the top 10 athletes in each division will be invited to compete at the Games. 

The opportunity to give age group athletes a stand-alone final in the near future is a high priority for Castro. 

“I do see a future where we completely pull the age groups out of the Games and have their own Games,” Castro says. “ … . And if that were to go down, that would be one way we can bring the numbers back up.”

For the individual and team divisions, the stages of competition will remain the same. Castro discusses the possibility of adding additional Semifinal events in the future depending on the growth of the Sport and will work closely with Semifinal hosts to ensure consistency throughout competitions. 

While there will be new virtual opportunities to look forward to in 2023, there will not be additional events through the 2022 Open.

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