June 22, 2013
Dan Bailey Visits CrossFit HQ: Part 1

There’s more to Dan Bailey than a fake mullet, ultra-intense Broflex training sessions and trash-talking Rich Froning.

During Bailey’s visit this year to CrossFit Headquarters in Scotts Valley, Calif., HQ employees quizzed the 29-year-old on everything from training and nutrition to his love life and parents.

Among the secrets revealed is that Bailey has a taste for doughnuts, brownies and ice cream.

“Sometimes I’ll just crave it so bad, I’ll, ya know, kill, like, eight dozen doughnuts or something in a night,” he says. “And some days I feel like a wreck the next day and then some days I just feel fine.”

Bailey admits it might not be the best nutritional prescription, but his intense training regimen offers him a bit of leeway when it comes to cheat days.

On more serious topics, Bailey says he sticks to the basics when training yet prepares himself for the rigors of competition.

“When you look at just an event where, ‘OK, I’m going to have to tax myself this hard three times in a row for three days in a row,’ you better know how that feels. You gotta know how that feels in a practice session so you can be ready for it,” he explains.

Bailey finished third in the cutthroat Central East Regional and will be looking to improve on his sixth-place finish at last year’s Games when the world’s fittest compete in Carson, Calif., in just over a month.

Video by Jordan Gravatt.