May 1, 2018
Checking in With Lindsey Valenzuela

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Lindsey Valenzuela is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete who finished second in the 2013 competition. Since then, she had her first child, Arsenio Jr., now 1, and opened Autumo CrossFit, which is celebrating its third anniversary.

Valenzuela gained 90 lb. during the course of her pregnancy and suffered numerous complications, so she’s passionate about helping other women who are going through postpartum recovery. She hopes to start a podcast and blog soon.

“I wanted women to know that … everyone’s (pregnancy) journey is different,” Valenzuela says.

Valenzuela explains that she took time off to grow “as a person, as a woman, as a wife and as a mom,” but the fiery competitor many fans remember is still very much a part of her.

“I still consider myself a Games athlete,” says Valenzuela.

Back when she first started CrossFit, Valenzuela was attracted to “the capability of being able to modify it per individual.” She truly believes anyone can do CrossFit, and, competitive as she is, she says helping people live better is more fulfilling than getting them ready for competitions.

Valenzuela’s advice to anyone just starting CrossFit: “You have to be willing to be uncomfortable.”

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