June 21, 2021
Atlas Games — Individual Event 6 & Champs

It’s the final event of the 2021 CrossFit Atlas Games!

In the featured matchup, Alex Vigneault 🇨🇦, Brent Fikowski 🇨🇦, Tyler Christophel 🇺🇸, Logan Collins 🇺🇸, Alexandre Caron 🇨🇦, and Cole Greashaber 🇺🇸 go pedal to the medal in “Grettel.”

Then, Emily Rolfe 🇨🇦, Baylee Rayl 🇺🇸, Alexis Johnson 🇺🇸, Anikha Greer 🇨🇦, Carolyne Prevost 🇨🇦, and Sydney Michalyshen 🇨🇦 hit the gas and go speed one more time in Event 6.

Who is Games bound, and who will get a second chance in the Last-Chance Online Qualifier? Check out highlights, overall leaderboard standings, and more.

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