June 21, 2021
Atlas Games — Individual Event 5 Highlights

There are only two more events left to complete in the 2021 CrossFit Atlas Games. Where do the athletes stand, and which five are in contention for a Games spot?

In Event 5, Patrick Vellner 🇨🇦, Jeffrey Adler 🇨🇦, Samuel Cournoyer 🇨🇦, Alex Vigneault 🇨🇦, and Tyler Christophel 🇺🇸, and Phil Toon 🇺🇸 go one-on-one for an event win in the featured matchup.

Then, Mekenzie Riley 🇺🇸, Sydney Michalyshen 🇨🇦, Carolyne Prevost 🇨🇦, Emily Rolfe 🇨🇦, Anikha Greer 🇨🇦, and Alexis Johnson 🇺🇸 get upside down and square off in the event.

Later, Mike Arsenault catches up with Brent Fikowski 🇨🇦 and Rolfe.


Cover photo by @sam_beriault, CrossFit Wonderland

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