July 22, 2013
An Athlete By Any Other Name ...

If the name “Kara Webb” doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because Kara’s surname was Gordon last year when she competed at the CrossFit Games. Her husband, Jason, admits he’s the reason behind the confusion in 2013.

“That’s my fault,” Jason says.

It turns out Jason and Kara’s romance was sparked somewhere between the stepper and the treadmill in another gym several years ago, but by the time they were married in December 2012, the cake was a CrossFit-themed creation of bumper plates and kettlebells.

Webb, a lifelong athlete, has been active since she was a toddler. Her mother recalls Kara was walking by 8 months, climbed onto and into everything and “had stitches for the first seven years of her life.”

Webb was also into a host of sports, including swimming. She found CrossFit 2010 through coach Brian Bucholtz, and by 2012 she was good enough to win the Australia Regional. She finished 19th at the Games, and she booked her second ticket to Carson by dominating the 2013 Regional and finishing as 17 points ahead of second place Ruth Anderson Horrell.

Webb, of CrossFit Roar, will compete at the CrossFit Games for the second time this week.

Video by Michael McCoy.