March 8, 2013
Additional Info for Athletes, Judges and Affiliate Managers

Make sure you're completing the workout and submitting it correctly. Workout 13.1 highlights a few new elements all athletes, judges and Affiliate Managers should be aware of for this workout and the rest of the season. 

Special Tiebreak

With the new tiebreak method, make sure to record the elapsed time after the athlete completes each set of 30 snatches. The elapsed time (not the time remaining) for the final complete round of snatches will be used as the tiebreaker among athletes with the same number of reps. If you submitted your score or time incorrectly, you can withdraw your existing score by logging onto your Athlete Profile. There is no penalty for withdrawing a score, but the correct score must be posted no later than 5 p.m. on Sundays.

New Scorecard

There's a new scorecard that streamlines things for athletes, judges and Affiliate Managers. The scorecard makes it easy to track the total reps, as well as the elapsed time on each round. It is designed so both the Athlete and the Affiliate can keep an accurate record of the workout. It can be downloaded from the Games site on the Workout Description page

Log Your Judge

This year, you must report your judge's full name when you submit your score online. You can't be your own judge. If your judge passed the Online Judges Course, they'll earn credit, which is required for them to be considered for a Regional Judge position.


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