October 10, 2020
Act of Gratitude: Chandler Smith

Chandler Smith gives it his all on the competition floor to express gratitude to all the people who have helped him grow and get better along the way. He also takes very seriously his role as a representative of the various groups he is a part of, including soldiers, African Americans, and wrestlers.

“Every time I compete, it's my chance to show the world what that group put into me and then, therefore, put it back out. You only receive to be able to give, and that’s me giving back everything that I've been given,” Smith says.

This year, in his second appearance at the CrossFit Games, Smith finished sixth out of 30 individual male competitors.

Smith continues, “To get a chance to express a version of the person who I am through being disciplined and executing well on what I know I’m capable of in front of the people who help make it possible is really special.”

A moment captured by @michaelishustle.