August 8, 2019
2019 Spirit of the Games Award

"What we see at the CrossFit Games is the pinnacle of our sport. Yet through the efficacy and scalability of the CrossFit program; the sharing of core values like hard work, accountability, inclusivity, and respect; and the common purpose of spreading health, whether through creating the world’s fittest or combating sedentarism and chronic disease, we all experience the same competition and camaraderie we see here at the Games every time we walk into a CrossFit affiliate anywhere in the world.⁣

"The Spirit of the Games Award acknowledges this connection between building strong local communities and the Sport of Fitness, and it highlights that physical performance is only one part of our magical and multifaceted equation.

"In searching for a deserving recipient this year, we looked at the Games weekend, the entire season, and across multiple seasons; we looked at what happened on the competition floor, and also behind the scenes when fewer were watching.

"We asked questions like: ⁣

  • Who exhibits extraordinary character, even in a field of already extraordinary human beings?⁣
  •  Who reminds us that, as CrossFit athletes, trainers, and affiliates, we have a gift to give the world that transcends aesthetics and points on a leaderboard?⁣
  • And who inspires us to overcome our own life challenges with a little more graciousness, resilience, and courage?⁣

"With all of these considerations in mind, it was my great pleasure and privilege to present the 2019 Spirit of the Games Award to Samantha Briggs," said Nicole Carroll, Director of Certification and Training, during the Award Ceremony.

Congratulations to the U.K.’s Sam “The Engine” Briggs on winning this prestigious CrossFit Games award.