March 14, 2017
Who's on Top for 17.3?

Open Workout 17.3 brought the barbell.

After two weeks of dumbbell work, Director of the Games Dave Castro challenged the community with a progressively heavier barbell. The third workout of the 2017 Open was a couplet of chest-to-bar pull-ups and squat snatches.

Athletes were pitted against numerous time caps and rewarded with an additional 4 minutes if they completed the work required within each one. The further you got, the heavier the bar became. The weight jumps were aggressive, spanning anywhere from 20 to 30 to even 50 lb.  

For anyone who’s familiar with her athletic prowess, it’s no surprise that Kara Webb came out on top this week. The 2016 Games seventh-place finisher and Spirit of the Games Award winner finished the workout in a lightning fast 15:56. Webb performed the workout in front of dozens of cheering fans from her affiliate, CrossFit Roar, in Brisbane, Australia.

Watch her performance below.





2015 Fittest Man on Earth Ben Smith is on top of the men’s Leaderboard this week. Smith, last year’s second-place Games finisher, completed the ladder in 17:17, edging out Jeff Evans by 12 seconds and besting reigning Fittest Man on Earth Mat Fraser’s time by 18 seconds.

Smith and Webb both took first in 2016 Regional Event 1—a ladder of ascending-weight squat snatches up against an 11-minute time cap. In fact, Webb set the world record in the event during Week 1 of Regionals and it never fell. Suffice it to say, 17.3 was in both of their wheelhouses.

Watch Smith’s effort below.