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Towards the end 2008 Intersect owner Joey Altobelli found himself board and out of shape and left his career as a professional designer in the action sports industry to pursue a life of health and fitness. Over the corse of 3 years Joey built the knowledge, skill and relationships to start his own gym. CrossFit Intersect opened it’s doors in January 2012 in Signal Hill California and was given the reputation of being the new standard in CrossFit gyms in the LA area. In the last two years Intersect has grown from a local gym to a highly influential business in the CrossFit realm. This is contributed to the dedication and skill level of the coaches and unrelenting support of the Intersect community. The Intersect coaches are world class fitness professionals and have had the opportunity to travel around the world and learn from the best athletes and coaches. This allows CrossFit Intersect to provide one of a kind training program and service to it’s community.