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SICFIT Scottsdale is designed to enhance the lives of our students through educated coaching, nutritional counseling, challenges, seminars, level testing and community events. Our three levels of training and nutrition are the backbone of our exercise philosophy simply described as LIFE l FITNESS l SPORT. Our goals are to improve the quality of life, to become better than (yesterday) or to score the most points to win. At SICFIT Scottsdale, we introduce personal athletic achievement into sport and train athletes ranging from ages 4-90 from push-up to podium. We believe that being physically FIT and healthy is inspiring; it feels good, builds confidence, enriches our lives and allows us to live our best by becoming better leaders, parents, children and humans. The SIC in SICFIT stands for Strength In Conditioning and at SICFIT Scottsdale we teach all facets of human movement, including but not limited to; functional movements, personal training, gymnastics, periodized strength training, pre-hab, mobility, flexibility, yoga, Olympic weightlifting, competitive FITness, military training, endurance adventure racing, nutrition coaching, life coaching, supplement prescriptions, body fat analysis, customized programming and above all else holding ourselves, coaches and students and our facilities to the highest possible standards and accountability. SICFIT gyms feature a “WOW” Workout of the Week, where 1/timed/measured or scored workout is measured on a global scale, allowing for varied programming of training or practicing based the individual’s needs. Faculty and coaches are trained in a variety of areas and have experience ranging from military, law enforcement, personal training, Olympic Weightlifting, yoga, nutrition, life coaching, volleyball, CrossFit, professional and collegiate sports, endurance, martial arts, personal training and gymnastics. Team SICFIT Scottsdale formerly CrossFit Scottsdale from 2008-2013 has participated in the CrossFit Games Qualifying season since 2009 and has competed at a Regional level since 2010. 2010: 3 Regional Qualifiers and a 6 Person Affiliate Team 2011: 4 Regional Qualifiers and a 6 Person Affiliate Team 2012: 2 Regional Qualifiers and a 6 Person Affiliate Team 2013: This season promises a return to compete at the Regional Level at the Southwest Regional Reebok CrossFit Games with several previous Regional veterans and a solid competitive team, already established newcomers to the sport and a strong Masters division. or call (480) 922-3253