The CrossFit®️ Filthy 150 takes place at one of Europe's premium event venues, Punchestown Racecourse. The event itself will be a festival of fitness with an 800-strong box-team competition and our Elite Team and Individual Divisions. The elite divisons will see some of the best athletes in the world battle it out for a prize pot of $70,000 and most importantly, for CrossFit Games Invitations. 

The CrossFit®️ Filthy 150, is the first Sanctionals™️ event of the year, and we are determined to start the competitive season off with a bang! In additional to the CrossFit®️ competition we will host a large Irish ceili on the Saturday night for all in attendance, with music, drinks and plenty of craic, making your trip to Ireland one to remember.

We are excited to share “our famous Irish welcome" with the global CrossFit®️ community. See you in November.