Jeff Dempsey

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    170 lb
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I came into crossfit with no athletic background and went in head first. I am a father to my two kids Hunter and Haley and married to my wife over 20 years. Box owner and own another business. This year is all for my mom. She has lung cancer that can’t be helped anymore so i just try and cherish the days i have with her. She is why i am who i am. Bad and good traits. I love my mom and want her to enjoy her time she has left. I will continue to fight with and for her. I cry every day knowing that i won’t have her one day. CrossFit has giving me a lot and meeting and competing with my fellow masters has been a blessing. I will also be competing at The World Champuonship masters Olympic comp in Barcelona this year and hoping to do well. I will always be a Mommas Boy. Good luck to all my fellow masters and i hope i have helped some of you in your quest to be a better you.

Year Division Overall Rank (Worldwide) Overall Rank (By Country)
2019 Men (50-54) 25th 20th United States
2018 Men (50-54) 3rd 3rd United States
2017 Men (50-54) 2nd 2nd United States
2016 Masters Men (45-49) -- 6770th United States
2015 Masters Men (45-49) 3rd 3rd United States
2014 Masters Men (45-49) 11th --
2013 Masters Men (45-49) 53rd --
Year Overall Rank Division
2018 13th Men (50-54)
2017 18th Men (50-54)
2015 18th Masters Men (45-49)
Lift Off
Year Overall Rank Snatch Clean + Jerk Workout
2016 38th 36th (224 lb) 56th (268 lb) 41st (286 reps)
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 335 lb
    Clean and Jerk 285 lb
    Snatch 215 lb
    Deadlift 385 lb
    Fight Gone Bad --
    Max Pull-ups 40
  • Fran --
    Grace 2:17
    Helen --
    Filthy 50 --
    Sprint 400m --
    Run 5k 21:00