Stephen Hitt

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    195 lb
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I have been doing CrossFit myself for about since 2007, and have been coaching it since 2009. I have been an athlete my whole life - playing football, basketball and baseball in high school, and continuing to be active and do the typical weightlifting and working out in my adult life. While I absolutely love competing as an athlete myself and love the way CrossFit has improved my health and fitness in every imagineable way, my true passion lies in coaching other athletes. In addition to my CrossFit coaching background I have also coached high school football, and I truly feel this is my calling in life. I love to coach, lead, and motivate others, and because I believe CrossFit is the most amazing avenue for anyone to achieve any health or fitness goals they may have, I love to coach people through it.

Year Division Overall Rank (Worldwide) Overall Rank (By Country)
2019 Men (35-39) 5993rd 2920th United States
2018 Men (35-39) 447th 261st United States
2017 Men (35-39) 390th 256th United States
2016 Individual Men 3888th 2553rd United States
2015 Individual Men 2720th 2000th United States
2014 Individual Men 851st --
2013 Individual Men 825th --
2012 Individual Men 765th --
Year Overall Rank Division Regional Name
2014 41st Individual Men North West
2013 27th Individual Men North West
2012 31st Individual Men North West
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 340 lb
    Clean and Jerk 295 lb
    Snatch 245 lb
    Deadlift 440 lb
    Fight Gone Bad 399
    Max Pull-ups 60
  • Fran 2:59
    Grace 2:11
    Helen 6:45
    Filthy 50 19:06
    Sprint 400m 0:52
    Run 5k 19:00