John Fitzpatrick

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    178 lb
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A few years ago I endured a life-changing moment. I came home from work, opened the mailbox, and the letter I had been awaiting for weeks was tucked among a stack of bills and junk mail. It was from Thunder Down Under...they responded to my application! Nervous, excited, anxious and maybe even a bit scared, I darted back into the house, dropped all the other mail and held the envelope to my head like Carnac the Magnificent, trying to predict what it would say. Finally I worked up the nerve to open it. I removed the letter, unfolded it, and started to read. My heart started to sink. "Dear John...We received your application...blah blah blah...we get a lot of them...blah blah blah." All I remember from that point was that my application was summarily rejected. They said I wasn't "Australian enough." WTF?!?!? So maybe I wasn't the best dancer and might have been lacking in one or two key attributes required for the job, but desire can overcome everything, right? RIGHT!!! So at this point I could do one of two things: stay the same, or change. I chose the latter. I went right to work on lengthening my vowels so I could speak with that charming Aussie accent, drinking copious amounts of Fosters, and eating meat pies and bangers morning, noon and night. All of this hasn't done much for my physique, but NO ONE can ever say I'm not "Australian enough" now. G'day!!!

Year Overall Rank (Worldwide) Overall Rank (By Region) Overall Rank (By State)
2016 1336th 88th Southern California 145th California
2015 1715th 120th Southern California 213th California
2014 2547th 179th Southern California --
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 265 lb
    Clean and Jerk 185 lb
    Snatch 135 lb
    Deadlift 315 lb
    Fight Gone Bad 271
    Max Pull-ups 31
  • Fran 5:39
    Grace 5:29
    Helen 9:46
    Filthy 50 28:53
    Sprint 400m 1:07
    Run 5k 21:20