Austin Malleolo

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I found CF when I was a personal Trainer and never looked back. I am now the head coach at Reebok CrossFit ONE and a part of the CrossFIt HQ seminar staff as well as owner of CrossFit One Nation and The HAM Plan! I love that I am able to do what I love everyday of my life and have the privilege to be able to compete with the best athletes in the world!

Year Division Overall Rank (Worldwide) Overall Rank (By Region) Overall Rank (By State) Overall Rank (By Country)
2018 Men 162nd 15th North East 3rd Massachusetts 87th United States
2017 Men 102nd 11th North East 3rd Massachusetts 68th United States
2016 Individual Men 44th 7th North East 1st Massachusetts 25th United States
2015 Individual Men 40th 3rd North East 2nd Massachusetts 31st United States
2014 Individual Men 9th 2nd North East -- --
2013 Individual Men 46th 6th North East -- --
2012 Individual Men 45th 4th North East -- --
Year Overall Rank Division Regional Name
2016 7th Individual Men East Regional
2015 5th Individual Men East Regional
2014 5th Individual Men North East
2013 1st Individual Men North East
2012 1st Individual Men North East
Year Overall Rank Division
2015 34th Individual Men
2013 41st Individual Men
2012 8th Individual Men
Team Series
Year Overall Rank Team Name Members
2016 10th Team Reebok CrossFit One Rachel Martinez, Kaitlyn Brierley, Spencer Hendel
2015 7th Reebok Pump Kelley Jackson, Jennifer Smith, James Hobart
2014 6th Team Reebok North Michele Letendre, Kelley Jackson, Craig Kenney
Lift Off
Year Overall Rank Snatch Clean + Jerk Workout
2015 46th 322nd (235 lb) 109th (330 lb) 22nd (413 reps)
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 420 lb
    Clean and Jerk 325 lb
    Snatch 255 lb
    Deadlift 570 lb
    Fight Gone Bad 470
    Max Pull-ups 65
  • Fran 2:11
    Grace 1:47
    Helen 6:56
    Filthy 50 14:05
    Sprint 400m 0:59
    Run 5k 20:21