March 18, 2013
Week Two in Review: South Central
By Amy Duchene

The second week of the Open was a sprint for the South Central Region, as more than 5,000 men and 3,000 women toughed their way through the 10-minute AMRAP.

The second week of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open was a sprint for the South Central Region as more than 5,000 men and 3,000 women toughed their way through 10 minutes of shoulder-to-overheads, deadlifts and box jumps.

This week’s workout was a lightweight triplet that allowed for staggering scores. The arrangement of the movements was complicated by this year’s allowance of step-ups as a box jump modification.

Competitors in the South Central, however, seemed unfazed and concentrated on putting up big numbers across the board.


On the Men’s side of the competition, there was an enormous shakeup on the Leaderboard.  Last week’s top three overall performers were displaced by three new names: Roy Gamboa, Jesse Haines and Dave Schwanke.  

While Courtney Wuistinger managed to hold tight to fourth place, last week’s first- and second-place finishers, Jeremy Calahan and Marco Coppola suffered a slightly bigger rankings drop falling into 18th and ninth, respectively.

By Sunday night, though, the top performance on 13.2 belonged to Daniel Ware of Alpha CrossFit who completed 12 rounds, plus three shoulder-to-overheads for a final score of 363, bumping him up 44 spots into 14th place overall.

Big name athletes Jason Hoggan, Paul Smith and Aja Barto are currently seeded in sixth, 20th, and 28th places.


For the South Central women, transfer to the region, Jenn Jones continued her dominance at the top of the Leaderboard. With the second highest score in the region, Jones’ 360 reps allowed her to keep hold of her first-place position.

Not far behind Jones, though, is last year’s second-fittest woman in the Region, Candice Ruiz. Ruiz had the top score on 13.2 with 12 rounds and one shoulder-to-overhead for a 361-rep total. Her jump into the top three helped push out last week’s second and third place athletes — Nikki Isbell and Beth Spearman — who dropped to 43rd and 37th place. Rounding out your current top-three female athletes is 2012 South Central Regional qualifier, Cindy Pierce.


As a team, it was Team CrossFit Kemah, who had the most impressive performance finishing with a team total of 1,932 reps. This week’s big finish moved Kemah up from 11th to fifth place overall. 

On the whole, however, it is still Get Lifted who holds onto the top team spot in the South Central and 43rd place worldwide. Team CrossFit Central and Woodward CrossFit RWB held tight to second third place for the second week in a row allowing for some consistency on the team level of the competition.