March 18, 2013
Week Two in Review: SoCal
By Kenni Palmer

13.2 gave those who missed the heavier lifts in 13.1 a chance to take on something lighter and shorter.

This week, 13.2 kicked off with Southern California’s own Lindsey Valenzuela, challenging two-time Games champion, Annie Thorisdottir, moments after the live announcement at CrossFit South Brooklyn.

Valenzuela’s appearance — covering for originally scheduled, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet — sparked worldwide speculation that this week’s Open Workout would include another heavy barbell, as Valenzuela is known primarily for her strength.

However, Dave Castro surprised us all again with the announcement of a simple, 10-minute AMRAP triplet comprised of shoulder-to-overheads, deadlifts and box jumps. 13.2 gave those who missed the heavier lifts in 13.1 a chance to take on something lighter and shorter. As far as strategy, the general consensus was to simply keep going, and Southern Californians posted some big numbers at the close of the workout.


On Sunday night, Josh Golden and Patrick Gallagher took two parts of a three way tie for first worldwide on 13.2 with 387 reps. With very few points due to his 5th place finish in on 13.1 and 1st place finish on 13.2, Golden briefly held first overall in Southern California.

However, Golden’s reign did not last long. His score has been disqualified after a video of his performance showed that he did not meet the movement standards. Without a valid score on 13.2, he will not be able to qualify for the 2013 Southern California Regional. In addition, CrossFit Grover Beach will not be allowed to validate performances of the next three Open workouts. To learn more, click here.

Henry “Hank” Lopez made a big break from his 63rd-place finish on 13.1 to take the third spot in the region for 13.2 with 366 reps. Rounding out the top men’s performances this week were Jarett Perelmutter with 362 reps, and Wes Piatt and Casey Parlett tying in fifth place in SoCal with 359 reps apiece, respectively.

Bill Grundler, 43, still holds strong in the Individual Men’s division, with 351 reps and a ninth-place finish in SoCal, securing himself fifth overall in the region.


This week’s first-place finisher for the SoCal women is former professional basketball player, Jamie Hagiya, who posted 381 reps.

“I didn’t think at all that I’d have one of the best scores,” Hagiya says. “I figured Val (Voboril) and Kristan (Clever) would smoke me, especially after I saw (Danielle) Sidell post 420 reps.”

Keeping it consistent, Andrea Ager took second with 378 reps, and combined with her third-place finish on 13.1, Ager takes the leading position overall in SoCal, and is tied for sixth worldwide. Six reps behind Ager on 13.2 is Calista Papakalos, coming up from 222nd place on 13.1.

We experienced another cliffhanger as the region waited for 13.1 worldwide first-place finisher, Kristan Clever, to post her 13.2 score moments before the Leaderboard closed. Her 365 reps were enough for a fifth-place finish in SoCal, dropping Clever to second in the Region and ninth worldwide.

However, only one point separates Ager and Clever for the top position overall in SoCal. Fellow Valley girl, Rebecca Voigt’s 366 reps secured her in third overall in SoCal.


The top three teams from 13.1 still hold the top spots overall after the close of 13.2.

Valley CrossFit maintains first in the Region, with an impressive cumulative score of 2,034 — that’s an average of 339 reps per person (more than 11 rounds each). Twenty-two reps behind Valley on 13.2, is Brick Nation, who has now moved up one spot for an overall ranking of second place. Invictus finished fourth on 13.2, and hangs on to third overall in the region.

The surprise in the Team division was when CrossFit 760, formerly 21st place after 13.1, took third in SoCal with 2,005 reps on 13.2, and are now tied for ninth overall.


In the Masters Women 55-59 Division, the battle for the top is brewing between Terry Ferrari and Patty Bonafede. Ferrari’s 294 reps this week were enough to secure her first on 13.2, but Bonafede’s first-place finish last week, and second place this week ties her overall with Ferrari.

In the Masters Men 55-59, a similar battle is developing between Jon Hults (first overall), Patrick Lyons (tied for second overall) and Robby Lorber (tied for second overall). Hult’s 308 reps this week kept him in the top spot in SoCal, while Lorber’s 298 reps beat out Lyon’s 290, now tying the two for second overall in the Region.

In the Masters Women 60+, Donna Walters continues to make SoCal proud. She not only sits first overall worldwide, but swept 13.2 with 305 reps, 18 reps ahead of the second-place finisher worldwide.