March 5, 2012
Week Two in Review: North Central
By Alex Tubbs

Get the lowdown on the competition in North Central after 12.2: snatches.

After only one workout, specialists are being exposed and familiar names are rising to the top of the Leaderboard. Many of the athletes who scored well on 12.1 have dropped.

Just because you we’re able to snatch 210 pounds didn’t mean you were going to get a chance at it.


CrossFit Games veteran Brandon Pastorek has moved in 1st place overall in the North Central Region and 16th worldwide with an impressive 90 reps on 12.2.  Coming in a close 2nd and separated by only a single burpee is Fit2Fight CrossFit’s Nick Scott.

Outright strength didn’t guarantee anything in 12.2. Several of the top male athletes have a one-rep max well above 210 pounds, yet there weren’t any men in the North Central who were able to break through to the 210-pound snatch. Only six men were able to complete all of the reps at 165 pounds.


With two 5th place finishes, Fit2Fight’s Katie Schmitz holds down the top spot in the North Central Region and 12th worldwide. Following close behind is last week’s winner Megan John, who scored 90 reps on 12.2. She was hoping for at least one rep with the 120-pound bar, but was satisfied with 90.

“The feeling of falling short (no pun intended) drives me to become a better athlete – and PR my deadlift by 20 pounds later that day … now that was exciting. More fuel for the fire,” John says. I think she’ll be ready for 12.3.

Rounding out the top three is CrossFit Gambit’s Kelley Jackson. At the 2011 North Central Regional strength prevented Kelley Jackson from performing as well as she hoped. With an offseason of “strength bias” programming it looks like her work has paid off.  She scored 90 reps on 12.2 and is now in third place in the North Central.

Even with an impressive 91 reps, Elisabeth Akinwale isn’t the only Akinwale to perform well on 12.2. Her sister Busola Akinwale of CrossFit St. Paul scored one more rep than her with 92 reps.


With Scott’s 1st place finish and Schmitz’s 5th place finish on 12.2, it’s no wonder the team, Fit2Fight CrossFit, is sitting in 1st place in the North Central. The rest of their team also had some very impressive scores. For the second straight week, QCCF Awesome is in first place in the North Central Region, after a 1st place finish week one and 4th place in week two.

There’s something to be said about experience for CrossFit Omaha. Their many veterans have helped move them into 3rd place in the North Central.

After seven minutes of burpees and 10-minutes of snatching, it’s anyone’s guess as to what 12.3 will be. The only guarantee is that the specialist will continue to be punished and the Region’s most well rounded athletes will continue to climb the Leaderboard.