March 12, 2012
Week Three in Review: Northern California
By Leah Lutz

The 18 minutes with box jumps, push presses, and toes-to-bar tested the physical and mental fortitude of the NorCal athletes.

“Three movements with a given time. Do work, don’t stop.” The words of Whitney Heuser (Diablo CrossFit) perfectly describe the workout.

The 18 minutes with box jumps, push presses, and toes-to-bar of Open Workout 12.3 certainly tested the physical and mental fortitude of the NorCal athletes. Most athletes who competed in this workout can identify with Joey Warren, as we are all, “glad to be done with that unscathed and ready to move on.”

The top-ranking women of Northern California for Workout 12.3 all completed more than 12 rounds. These somen completed more than 180 box jumps, 144 push presses, and 108 toes-to-bar.

Ashley Carriveau, CrossFit San Jose, remains at the top of the NorCal overall rankings this week after her 1st place finish in 12.3. Only one push press behind Carriveau, Laurie Galassi, CrossFit Santa Cruz, finishes 2nd, and Elyse Umeda of CrossFit 808 takes 3rd. 

Looking at the Leaderboard after the third of five workouts, familiar names are clearly holding strong. Carriveau ekes ahead of Elyse Umeda, holding 1st place overall with Umeda in 2nd. Heuser holds 3rd and Jenny LaBaw maintains 4th for the second week in a row. Although she describes 12.3 as, “a long, painful 18 minutes,” Galassi strong finish moves her to 5th place overall this week.

The men of NorCal were led by Neal Maddox (CrossFit X-treme) in Workout 12.3, the only man to move into the 13th round in a workout that in his words, “was a good test of mental toughness and challenged the body from head to toe.” Northern California’s seasoned Games winner, Jason Khalipa (NorCal CrossFit) finished in 2nd place, followed by CrossFit Sacramento’s Mark Pfeifer.

Overall, in the rankings of Northern California men, Warren is 1st place again this week. Reflecting the thoughts of many competitors, Warren wasn’t looking forward to the box jumps, but “the worst part turned out to be the push presses, which got heavy quickly.” With his finish in Open Workout 12.3, Maddox is now 2nd overall. Khalipa moves up to 3rd place, Will Zerlang (Humboldt CrossFit) is ranked 4th this week, and Pat Barber (NorCal CrossFit) jumps up to 5th place.

As the many teams of NorCal battle it out each week, demonstrating the athleticism and commitment of many beyond the Leaderboard, several teams continue to dominate the top spots. With their second 1st place finish of the Open, Diablo CrossFit Anejo continues to rule the team rankings. The Rocklin CrossFit Honey Badgers, led this week by the impressive work of 17-year-old team member Valerie Calhoun, are right on the heels of Diablo in 2nd place. The remaining top five rankings are NorCal CrossFit, CrossFit 808, and CrossFit West.

NorCal Masters continue to rank well in the world, holding top positions in numerous divisions. In the 55-59 division, Marilou Seiff (CrossFit San Mateo) is 1st, Marnel King (CrossFit San Jose) is 3rdand Charm Mathis (CrossFit Excel) is 5th for the women. Tim Anderson (South Tahoe CrossFit) is 4th for the men. In the 60-plus divisions, Clarke Holland (Tamalpais CrossFit) holds strong at 2nd and both Kristine Sessions (CrossFit Maxim) and Mary Schwing (CrossFit 808) continue to finish strong with 3rd and 6th respectively.

*The scores and rankings are unofficial until Tuesdays at 5 p.m., PT.