March 13, 2012
Week Three in Review: Canada East
By Chris Cooper

12.3 was a terrific event for the Canada East Region, as it finished with women from our Region in the top 10 worldwide. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet currently sits at 6th overall in the Open, and Michele Letendre is currently holding down 8th place. Both qualified for the CrossFit Games in 2011, and seem far out of reach from all other female competitors, except Britney Holmberg.
From the strong CrossFit Altitude team, Holmberg sits in 3rd in Canada East with 20 points to Letendre's 11 and Leblanc-Bazinet's remarkable 4 points after 3 events. Holmberg is climbing, though, finishing 10th in 12.1, 8th in 12.2, and 2nd in the region on 12.3. 
Albert-Dominic Larouche, who finished 2nd at last year's Regional behind Jason Cain, leads the pack with 15 points. With Cain now in the Canada West Region, Larouche seems well-poised to take the Open in Canada East, but not without a fight.
Peter D'Amore, who placed 4th in the Canada East Regional in 2011, is only 9 points behind Larouche. They've been within three reps of each other on every event so far. 
Jay Rhodes is currently sitting in 4th place in Canada East, but he's climbing fast. Another CrossFit Altitude competitor, Rhodes has focused on the individual competition for 2012, and he's attempting to qualify for the Games on his own. 
After winning 12.1 with a blazing 147 burpees, Alex Jeffrey took a hit on 12.2, finishing 236th. He’s currently pacing in 58th after scoring a respectable 384 in 12.3. Anyone who knows Jeffery would never count him out.
CrossFit Brossard did very well at 12.3, finishing nearly 50 reps ahead of their closest competing team, L'Usine CrossFit. CrossFit Altitude's team total is remarkable – they only have 6 points on the Leaderboard currently, ahead of CrossFit Brossard (10 points) and CrossFit L'Usine (14). 
CrossFit Brossard and CrossFit L'Usine are very strong teams – L'Usine won the Regional last year. The race could be very tight in the Open, and tighter still at Regionals, depending who remains on their respective teams and who elects to compete as an individual.
At the bottom of the 30-team roster, there's a 3-way tie for 30th place among Element CrossFit, CrossFit Colosseum, and CrossFit Crux each have 99 points. CrossFit Catalyst is just barely ahead with 97, and CrossFit London is just behind with 105 points. The battle for the last Regionals spot could be a tough battle.