March 19, 2012
Week Four in Review: North Central
By Alex Tubbs

Deb Cordner Carson and Alex Tubbs took 1st in North Central on 12.4.

Open Workout 12.4… because 30 muscle-ups for time weren’t hard enough.

Once again, the specialist was put to the test. Not only did 12.4 require a big motor, but it also required good technique while severely fatigued. Many athletes who considered muscle-ups easy on a normal day, were treated to a nasty surprise when the got to the rings.

With one week left in the Open, many of the North Central’s top athletes and teams are solidifying themselves well inside the qualifying positions.

Here’s the recap of the North Central’s top stories from 12.4.


For the third week in a row, veteran CrossFitter Brandon Pastorek is leading the North Central Region with a solid score of 269 on 12.4. Fellow Games competitor Phillip Kniep kept his spot in 3rd with 264 reps. Both Pastorek and Kniep are in the top 20 worldwide. 

Alex Tubbs from CrossFit Progression in Rochester, Minn., finished 12.4 with the top score in the North Central with 281 reps. 

Alex Nettey and Justin Allen, who finished 4th and 5th, respectively at the 2011 North Central Regional have both moved into the top 10. It looks like they still have a bad taste from just missing out on the Games last year.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of athletes who have seemingly come out of the woodwork. It looks like this year’s Regionals will be full of new faces.


Moving into the top spot overall is 2011 Games competitor Deborah Cordner Carson. Her 259-rep performance on 12.4 was good enough for 1st in the North Central and tied for 18th in the world. 

Last year’s other Games competitors, Stacie Tovar and Elisabeth Akinwale are making a steady climb through the Leaderboard. Akinwale scored 249 reps and remains in 11th, while Tovar’s 257 reps moved her up two spots into 7th.

Last week’s leader Megan John took a hit from 12.4, dropping to 5th place in the North Central Region with her 246-rep performance. She may be down, but she’s certainly not out. With only one week left she’s all but secured her trip to Regionals.


Things remain mostly the same in the North Central team competition. QCCF Awesome continues its domination, remaining in 1st place for the fourth week in a row. The rest of the top five have been very similar throughout the Open with a few changes week to week. 

Veteran team, CrossFit Omaha has moved into 2nd and CrossFit Bellator 1 follows only three points behind in 3rd place.

There is also a very tight race going on in the bottom of the team competition. Only 11 points separate the last four teams. It looks like every rep counts for these teams.


Sitting in 4th place, last year’s women’s Masters 54-59 champion Shelley Noyce is set up well to defend her title.

For a second week in a row, Denny Hawkins has came in 1st worldwide in the men’s Master’s 54-59 competition.

The Open is coming to a close next week and there are close races at the top and bottom of all of the categories. You can bet that you’ll need every rep of 12.5 if you want to punch your ticket to Regionals.