March 26, 2012
Week Five in Review: SoCal
By Madeline Mosier

At the end of Week 5, a new name and an old name appear at the top of the Leaderboard.

Five weeks of the 2012 Open concluded with a historic blast from the past. The same Fran ladder that was seen in the 6th and final week of Open competition in 2011 reared her head once again. The couplet, a combination of thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups, brought the 2012 Open to final close and finally determined which Southern California’s athletes will be moving on to the 2012 Regionals.


Southern California’s top five finishing men all completed their round of 18, continued on to complete all 21 thrusters and then move on to their pull ups. Danny Henry of CrossFit Culver City made his second 1st place finish of the Open. Workout 12.5 allowed Henry to capitalize upon his StrongFit training and Olympic lifting sprinting sessions to create a strategy that would place him not only 1st in Southern California, but also 1st in the world. In preparation for the workout he “specifically did heavy back squats on Saturday before performing the workout on Sunday, three sets of 185 kg x two, to open up my nervous system,” he says.

Henry’s strategy was simply to “absolutely crush it. The 100-pound thruster was never a thought for me. All sets through 21 were unbroken.”

Henry was more concerned with the chest-to-bar pullups. “Up to set 15 they were unbroken, then I broke into three sets of five. At set, 18 it was six sets of three. The last 16 were all grit. Three or sometimes two at a time as my forearms felt like they would explode,” he says. 

Ryan Fischer of downtown Los Angeles’ CrossFit Mean Streets took the 2nd place position on 12.5 finishing just one rep shy of Henry. 12.5 is Fischer’s third top-10 performance in the Open and is currently overall seated 5th in Southern California and 34th worldwide. 

The region’s overall 2nd place ranked man, Jarett “Ninja” Perelmutter, owner and head coach of Brick CrossFit in West Hollywood, who completed the Open and 12.5 with his fourth top-three finish. No stranger to the top of the Leaderboard, Perelmutter, completing 157 reps in 12.5, went into the workout with a proper mental game plan.

“The strategy I followed was simple and similar to how I used to game my fights in all my years as a professional fighter: to study videos from last year including mine to see where I can improve on rest, rep speed, efficiency, etc.,” he says. “Secondly, create a time structure for how fast to get through each stage of the workout. Lastly, stay disciplined, stick to the plan and succeed at all personal costs.”

Rounding out the top five are Kenneth Leverich of Orange Coast CrossFit, taking 4th and David Lipson of CrossFit Invictus, taking the 5th place spot. Throughout the Open, Leverich has had a top-10 finish. Leverich heads to Regionals ranked 1st overall in Southern California and 3rd worldwide. David Lipson, just four pull-ups behind Leverich takes 5th place and ends the Open ranked in 9th place.


1st - Danny Henry (189th in SoCal, 2290th worldwide) CrossFit Culver City
2nd - Ryan Fischer (5th in SoCal, 34th worldwide) CrossFit Mean Streets
3rd - Jarett Perelmutter (2nd in SoCal, 14th worldwide) Brick CrossFit
4th - Kenneth Leverich (1st in SoCal, 3rd worldwide) Orange Coast CrossFit
5th - David Lipson (9th in SoCal, 99th worldwide) CrossFit Invictus
1st - Kenneth Leverich (3rd worldwide)
2nd - Jarett Perelmutter (14th worldwide)
3rd - Jon Pera (13th worldwide)
4th - Bill Grundler (32nd worldwide)
5th - Ryan Fischer (34th worldwide)
6th - Jeremy Kinnick (75th worldwide)
7th - Josh Golden (73th worldwide)
8th - David Millar (84th worldwide)
9th - David Lipson (99th worldwide)
10th - Tommy Pease (117th worldwide)
The women of Southern California who made the top-10 in the region in the Open’s final workout were all able to complete their round of 18 and move into the thrusters of their round of 21. Valerie Voboril of Dogtown CrossFit earned the top spot on the women’s Leaderboard, finishing the round of 18 plus 21 thrusters, improving her score in one year from 111 reps to 147 reps this year. This finish puts the 33-year-old mother 7th in Southern California and 53rd worldwide.
Kat Apostolina of CrossFit San Diego landed the 2nd place spot just one rep shy of Voboril with her completion of 146 reps. The 5-foot, 125-pound Apostolina managed to “just keep moving,” she says. “It was only 7 minutes to not get off the bar, but as I got later into the rounds, it was very difficult to stay on. Although I knew if I got off I had to immediately get back on,” Apostolina says. 
Scoring 95 reps in this workout in 2011 and increasing her score by an impressive 51 reps, she looks back and says, “I know that I have vastly improved. I was very excited for the Fran ladder returning. It was a great WOD to bring back to gauge your athletic ability over the year.”
2010’s Fittest Woman, Kristan Clever, closes the 2012 Open with her fifth top-three finish. With one rep separating Clever from Apolostina, Clever’s 3rd place performance keeps her at the top of the Leaderboard. Despite having completed 152 reps during the 2011 Open (7 reps more than this year), Clever also maintains her position as the top woman in the world.
Anne Austad of CrossFit Eagle Rock, who is also 8th overall in the region and 85th worldwide, finishes 12.5 in 4th place completing 142 reps. Going into the workout, Austad initially strategized for 130 reps. “My goal was to go unbroken for as long as possible. The first four sets felt really good and everything was unbroken,” she says. “I stuck to my plan and I was able to get back to the thruster bar (after the set of 18) with about one minute left on the clock.” 
Tina Angelotti of West LA CrossFit finishes 5th in the region with 136 reps. The 37 year old closes the Open 11th which also ranks her 146 overall worldwide.
1st - Valerie Voboril (7th in SoCal, 53rd worldwide) Dog Town CrossFit
2nd - Kat Apostolina (20th in SoCal, 245th worldwide) CrossFit San Diego
3rd - Kristan Clever (1st in SoCal, 1st worldwide) Valley CrossFit
4th - Anne Austad (8th in SoCal, 85th worldwide) CrossFit Eagle Rock
5th - Tina Angelotti (11th in SoCal, 146 worldwide)West LA CrossFit
1st - Kristan Clever (1st worldwide)
2nd - Andrea Ager (6th worldwide)
3rd - Madelyn Curley (11th worldwide)
4th - Rebecca Voigt (18th worldwide)
5th - Lindsey Valenzuela (30th worldwide)
6th - Allison Truscheit (47th worldwide)
7th - Valerie Voboril (53rd worldwide)
8th - Anne Austad (85th worldwide)
9th - Lisa Ryan (115th worldwide)
10th - Julie Adams (114th worldwide)
Brick Nation of Brick CrossFit takes its fourth 1st place finish of the Open and keeps the team at the top of not only Southern California’s overall Leaderboard, but the overall worldwide Leaderboard as well. DogTown Team A of DogTown CrossFit earns a two-way tie for the 2nd place spot, their third top-three finish of the Open and 5th overall in the region. Also finishing in 2nd is the team from CrossFit Invictus who now ranks 30th overall worldwide.
1st - Brick Nation of Brick CrossFit
2nd - Valley CrossFit
3rd - CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga
4th - CrossFit Invictus
5th - Orange Coast CrossFit
5th - DogTown CrossFit Team A