April 8, 2013
Week Five in Review: Mid Atlantic
By Candice Case

Open Workout 13.5 challenged athletes both physically and mentally.

Open Workout 13.5 challenged athletes physically and mentally. With a new spin on Fran, Games Director Dave Castro referred to the final workout as a “bloodbath,” the day before.

This workout was a defining factor for some athletes to advance to the Mid Atlantic Regional competition in June.


Four-time Games athlete, Ben Smith, is once again at the top of the Leaderboard in the workout and overall.  With a score of 229 reps on 13.5, Smith also secured an eleventh place worldwide finish. 

Chad Michael (CrossFit ACP) held strong in second place overall and will make his first Regional appearance.

Sean Thomson (CrossFit Go Hard) performed 179 reps in 13.5, earning him a second-place finish in the workout and third place overall in the region. 

Games competitor, Nate Schrader, ends the Open in fourth place and Gary Helmick (CrossFit ReVamped) makes a big jump up the Leaderboard to fifth place overall.


Games athlete, Christy Phillips, completed 160 reps on 13.5 and was the top scorer for this workout.  She moved back into the No. 1 spot to win the region in the Open.

Michelle Crawford (Ballantyne YMCA CrossFit) dropped slightly to a second-place finish overall and tied Amy Bright (CrossFit Northlake) at 157 reps in 13.5. Bright will advance to Regionals in the No. 3 position. 

Games competitor, Tanya Wagner, is in fourth place and Alea Helmick (CrossFit ReVamped) finishes her first Open in fifth place. 


Another Games competitor tops the Leaderboard in the Men’s 40-44 Division. Regionally, Jeff Tincher finishes the Open in first place, followed by Neal Woolard (CrossFit Tier 1) and then Kent Stamey (CrossFit Hickory). Despite their impressive efforts all season, neither of the three will advance to the Games. Tincher is ranked 33rd worldwide and only the top 20 receive an invitation to compete in California this summer.

There was no change in the Women’s 40-44 Division. Marcie Wells (CrossFit Wilmington) remained at the top worldwide throughout all five workouts. She scored 146 reps in 13.5 and is eligible to compete at the Games with her fourth place worldwide ranking. 

Tracy Shuford (College Hill CrossFit) is also in the top 20, placing 17th worldwide to advance to the Games. Jayme Bowles (Ultimate CrossFit) narrowly missed a spot to the Games with a 26th place worldwide finish. All three women also qualified in the women’s individual category for Regionals.

The Men’s 45-49 Division has Lee Sanford (CrossFit FF) in first, Jerry Hill (CrossFit Oldtown) in second place and Victor Hoyos (Trident CrossFit) in third place. All three men are ranked in the top 20 in the world.

Other Masters eligible for the Games are Kim Holway (CrossFit Reston), Will Powell (CrossFit Versatile), Lidia Beer (CrossFit Wilmington), Martha Redinger (CrossFit Charlottesville), Bruce Sutta (CrossFit MNC), Sharon Lapkoff (CrossFit Frederick) and Robin Kline (Crofton CrossFit).


The top three teams in the Mid Atlantic did not shift on the Leaderboard. CrossFit Reston is in first place, R.A.W Training is in second and CrossFit Explode is in third place.