June 3, 2018
Superheroes, Predators and Booze
By Andréa Maria Cecil
Team names showcase team spirit at the Meridian Regional.
Team names showcase team spirit at the Meridian Regional.

One team, two Incredible Hulks.

Call it impossible.

They call themselves the Avengers.

Well, the 962 Avengers—from CrossFit 962 in Amman, Jordan—to be specific.

962 Avengers

The name started as a joke two years ago when a couple of the affiliate’s coaches decided to create a competitive team. Their goal: Qualify for Regionals. This is their rookie year at the Meridian Regional in Madrid, Spain.

“This year, we made it. So, it’s great,” said team member Qout Abaza after Day 3’s first event involving rope climbs, rowing and snatches in same-sex pairs.

When CrossFit 962 created its squad, what to call it immediately became important.

“Everyone was asking, ‘What (are you) gonna name it?’” explained an enthusiastic Najm Mamkegh, head coach at CrossFit 962.

But once team members started adopting alter egos from Marvel Comics superheroes, the answer became obvious.

“I’m Hulk!” Mamkegh proclaimed with an ear-to-ear grin.

Omar Mehyar—he’s Captain America.

“Because he’s a pilot! From America!” said Mamkegh, laughing all the while.

And Dema Al Zebdieh?

“Well, I would like to be Hulk also,” she said, still deeply breathing from Event 5.

As for Abaza, there was only one choice.

“I have to be Black Widow, I guess,” she said, shrugging.

The 962 Avengers team has one of many quirky team names at this year’s Meridian Regional.

There’s 21-15-9 Team from CrossFit Donosti in San Sebastián, Spain, that pays homage to CrossFit’s most vicious rep scheme; False Bay Sharks from CrossFit False Bay in Cape Town, South Africa, that gets its name from the great white shark population in the nearby bay; and there’s a team that just wants to state facts: We Are Athletic from CrossFit Fréjus in Fréjus, France.

21-15-9 Team

Like CrossFit 962, Cape CrossFit’s team also has used the name Avengers. And Mighty Ducks and Spider Pigs.

“We’ve always had fun team names,” said Chris Öman, head coach of Cape CrossFit in South Africa.

This year, however, things got serious: Cape CrossFit Wolfpack.

“We started gearing toward having a more competitive branch,” Öman said of the past year of training.

Likewise, the ode to the wild predator well-suited the squad’s intentions.

“In a wolf pack, it is a team,” Öman explained, “and we’re not getting anywhere on our own.”

Cape CrossFit Wolfpack was in third place overall Sunday morning with one event remaining.

Meanwhile, the team from CrossFit Krayot of Haifa, Israel, has competed with the name Mad Hunters for five years now.

“Mad people are crazy people,” said team member Anton Kedik. “Anyone who competes in CrossFit—it’s not a regular thing.

Mad Hunters
Mad Hunters

As for the practice of killing or trapping animals, Kedik said the word is intended to maintain a competitive edge with other team members, as well as against other teams.

“When we go to train, we hunt each other like we hunt animals,” he continued. “But it’s good vibes only.”

Best team name arguably might go to Beers Cheese and Red Wine out of CrossFit Beziers in Beziers, France.

Beers Cheese and Red Wine
Beers Cheese and Red Wine

“It’s our life philosophy,” said a smiling Stella Cosenza through a translator.

Plus, it’s just quintessentially French, noted fellow team member Alexis Romero.

“We love life and we like to drink.”

Pictured in cover photo: Cape CrossFit Wolfpack

1. Rasmus Andersen (506)
2. Elliot Simmonds (488)
3. Lukas Esslinger (488)
4. Willy Georges (474)

1. Jamie Greene (582)
2. Lauren Fisher (456)
3. Oddrun Elk Gylfadottir (430)
4. Stephanie Chung (416)

1. CF Riviera Team (510)
2. Cape CrossFit Wolfpack (488)
3. CrossFit Valley Road (476)
4. CrossFit Norte Redondela (476)

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