May 13, 2012
Regional Report: Trejo, Barnett, 7 Mile Going to California
By Manuela Echeverri

Barnett, Trejo and CrossFit 7 Mile are packing their bags for California.

With the last event of the weekend coming up and the sun heating up the arena, the teams got ready to do one last workout.

Team CrossFit Cayman´s male athletes had a strong start and led the entire way to give turn for the women of the team to start. The last male athletes to finish the box jumps and partner carries were the men from Team CrossFit 7 Mile. The women from Team CrossFit 7 Mile worked their way through the muscle-ups and by the time they were done, they made their way from last place to 1st place. While Jenn Challier and Wanda Brenton from CrossFit 7 Mile were done with the wall balls, the female competitors from the other teams were still struggling with muscle-ups. 
CrossFit 7 Mile finished the workout in 19:40, which allowed them to win Event 6 and complete their sweep over the Latin American Region. At the end of the event, every single team athlete congratulated each other to give and end to this weekend’s competition. CrossFit 7 Mile wasn´t sure about what to expect before Regionals, but they made sure to build a really well rounded team that would give them their best shot to reach the CrossFit Games. Now that they´ve won a ticket to the Home Depot Center. “We are very happy, the Regional workouts really played out for our strengths as a team,” Brenton said. 
They will have a couple of months to further prepare to compete at the CrossFit Games by maximizing training. Jenn Chailler the smallest athlete of the team knows what she needs to work on: “I need to eat a lot of food and get stronger.” 
The Latin American Region will be behind this team when they compete in Carson, Calif. 
Event 6 Standings
1st Place: CrossFit 7 Mile (19:40) 
2nd Place: CrossFit Cayman (26:46)
3rd Place: WODBOX (27:01) 
Overall Standings 
1st Place: CrossFit 7 Mile (6) 
2nd Place: CrossFit Cayman (13) 
Before Tarasa Barnett competed on Event 6, she said she felt good about the movements. “I’ve been working on being more efficient [with the muscle-ups], using more hips and less pull. We invited Dave Lipson and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet for a long weekend at CrossFit Cayman to hold a training camp. Camille really helped me to be more efficient with my muscle-ups. She´s a great athlete and coach,” she says. 
As Barnett started the workout, the deadlifts seemed to be no problem for her and was trying hard to be as efficient as possible with her muscle-ups. Barnett was working on her third set of wall balls as the clock expired, leaving her with a time of 18:06 for the event and securing her ticket to the CrossFit Games. For a second year in a row, Barnett will be representing Latin America at the Home Depot Center. 
Event 6 Standings 
1st Place: Tarasa Barnett (18:06) 
Overall Standings 
1st Place: Tarasa Barnett (7) 
By mid-afternoon, only three heats of men were left for the weekend. In Heat 1, Hugo Arroyo lead throughout the entire workout and was able to complete two burpee box jumps before time ran out. No other athlete in the heat was able to complete the wall ball and toes-to-bar combo. Arroyo finished 3rd overall in Event 6. 
Heat 2 didn’t see any athletes get to the farmer carry; the heat winner was Christian Aguirre. On Heat 3 Orlando Trejo took an early lead and never let go of it. By pacing the deadlifts and flying through the muscle-ups, Trejo made his way to the wall balls with a steady pace, but Chris Irwin started to make ground on Trejo´s lead by having little rest on the toes-to-bar. As time expired, Trejo and Irwin were working on their burpee box jumps, but Trejo was able to hold on to his lead. 
Winning Event 6, Trejo finished a great weekend that leaves him as the winner of the Latin America Region and a long awaited opportunity to shine under the lights of the Home Depot Center. 
Event 6 Standings 
1st Place: Orlando Trejo (17:06)
2nd Place: Chris Irwin (17:13)
3rd Place: Hugo Arroyo (17:30)
Overall Standings 
1st Place: Orlando Trejo (8) 
2nd Place: Giancarlo Vera
3rd Place: Conor Murphy