May 19, 2012
Regional Report: Seconds Separate North Central Athletes
By Nicole Scott Smith

The heavy hang power cleans proved to be the separator in Event 2.

“There is a lot of talent in this Region. We are going to discover that.”-Brandon Pastorek.

Going into Event 2, the spectators were armed with signs and banners supporting their favorite athletes. The enthusiasm at McCook Exposition Center hadn’t waned from this morning. This challenging combination had the spectators on their feet and sent competitor after competitor to the ice baths outside. Most athletes sang praises to the programming-rowing, alternating-leg pistols and heavy hang power cleans. The padded floor proved to be a challenge for some during the pistol portion of the workout. However, it was a challenge accepted by this group of athletes who appreciate the constantly varied.


The heavy hang power cleans proved to be the separator in Event 2. Fifth place North Central Open athlete Andrew Koch joked “I felt like I was picking up a refrigerator.” 

Only two athletes in Heat 1 completed the workout under the 17-minute time cap. Four athletes finished in Heat 2. Andrew Kuechler, a Collegiate hockey player came off the 2k row in an impressive 7:01, but failed to complete all 30 hang power cleans. Jared Stevens of CrossFit 417 called Event 2 “Big Man‘s Revenge“ and finished 1st in Heat 2, wowing the spectators with a consecutive set of 15 cleans. In Heat 3, a head to head battle of power cleans between Kyle Kasperbauer and Justin Allen ended at 12:35 with Kasperbauer racing to the finish line and sliding into 1st place-literally. The crowd roared as Allen finished four seconds later. “I don’t think they could have picked a better workout for me,“ said Allen.

Phillip Kniep of CrossFit Lincoln was first off the pistols but finished 3rd in the final heat of the day with a time of 13:37. “I knew if I kept up a steady pace, I’d be fine. I knew I could crank out those pistols,” said Kniep of Workout 2.


Once again, the women of North Central proved why they are known as one of the most competitive female regions in CrossFit. Heat 3 was a showdown as Jaime Noyce of CrossFit 515 and Elisabeth Akinwale, CrossFit Construct, headed off the rowers and to the pistols almost simultaneously. But it was Noyce who finished the pistols first followed by CrossFit Omaha’s Stacie Tovar. Akinwale blew through a set of 17 consecutive cleans at 135lbs., sealing the 1st place position with a time of 12:32. “I had a plan this year, which was new to me. And, I stuck with it. I feel good about my time. Do I wish it was a minute faster? Sure. If it is the best (in the world), that’s great. If not, see you in July,” said Akinwale.

Tovar finished a close 2nd in 12:43 with Noyce following in 3rd.


The crowds ate up the heavy clean portion of the team event with CrossFit Impact fueling the frenzy in Heat 1 with an impressive time of 17:43. Heat 3 saw CrossFit Kilo powering forward with their third and fourth athletes on the hang clean bar before the other teams, securing a 17:47 and 1st in the heat. CrossFit Jenks was a close 2nd, producing another solid performance, finishing 6 seconds behind Kilo. Rounding out Heat 3 was CrossFit Omaha with a time of 18:04. Josiah Lorentzen of Quad City CrossFit Awesome felt the workout was way harder than the practice. “We did it 3 times. The floor gives and it makes the pistols harder,” he says.

Quad City Awesome finished 6th in Heat 3.

Overall Standing at the end of Day 1


1. Kyle Kasperbauer

2. Justin Allen

3. Pete Rasmusen


1. Elisabeth Akinwale

2. Ginny King

3. Jaime Noyce


1. CrossFit Jenks

2. CrossFit Kilo

3. QCCF Awesome