May 12, 2012
Regional Report: Every Rep an Accomplishment
By Kate Rose


With the heavy weight, athletes found focus a challenge.

With the start of the second day at the Canada East Regional, there was less tension in the air, and more excitement and anticipation. There were more spectators in the stands than on Day 1, and it was standing room only. The athletes did not disappoint, putting on an incredible display of athleticism and sportsmanship.

The teams were the first to take on Event 3, with the heavy dumbbell snatches. Each team demonstrated a significant amount of grit and determination. In several cases, every rep was a celebration; an accomplishment, and the crowd responded. With the heavy weight, athletes found focus a challenge, especially with the number of no-reps heard on the floor. Marina Almedia, of CrossFit Ancaster, showed incredible mental strength, fighting for each rep. Heat 2 had the first three teams to finish the workout. Shockingly, Mathieu Bourque of CrossFit Dieppe, the team to win the second heat, had never snatched a 100lb dumbbell before the morning. The team would be awarded with the 3rd place finish with a time of 8:08. CrossFit Select won the event with a time of 6:57. CrossFit Connection came in 2nd  with 7:16.

For the women, this event proved to be a race between Michele Letendre and Rebecca Clingersmith, who both tackled the heavy snatches with impeccable form. They remained smooth and steady throughout, with Letendre only having one no-rep between the two of them. Each just kept going and made it look easy. But according to Letendre, this is the hardest workout. Lacey Van Der Marel came in 3rd  in the Event, with a time of 6:29. Marie-Eve Pilotte of the first heat tackled the event in the same manner as Clingersmith and Letendre. Smooth and steady, she only had one rep called back. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, ever present in the women’s events, finished in the 3rd spot in the second heat, and 4th overall. She seemed to have a bit of a challenge with the snatches, showing some frustration with the missed reps, but still managed to finish the workout in 7:18. She’s refocusing and prepping for the next event. 

The men’s event highlighted the growing camaraderie between the athletes, as several athletes put on strong displays of sportsmanship on the floor. In Heat 3, Matthieu Dubreucq stayed on the floor to cheer and coach Chad Furey, the last athlete of the heat.  Furey finished in 8:16.

The race in the men’s event spanned over two heats, with a tale of an underdog emerging. In Heat 3, Matthew Lefave led from the beginning, showing a solid, continuous effort. His snatches seemed relatively effortless and unbroken. He blazed through the workout in 3:46. In the last heat, the athletes were close until about the third set of snatches. Larsh was leading at this point, but here, he pulled away. While he handled the weight easily, each snatch fluid and strong, he later admitted that the weight was incredibly heavy. In his first event victory at a competition, Larsh, took it in a time of 3:43. Albert-Dominic Larouche came in after Larsh, placing 4th in the event, with a time of 4:25. Jonathan Laniel rounded out the podium with a time of 4:17.

It’s standing room only, and everyone has started to prepare for Event 4. The team event is always a surprise; underdogs are rising on the men’s side; and the women’s side might get a bit interesting. Will Event 4 be a landmark? Or will we see a shift back to the status quo? Event 4 will tell.