May 20, 2013
Ready to Make a Statement: CrossFit WAF
By Kate Rose

"Depending on the workout, we have eight different people who could lead the team."

Photos courtesy of Leanne Andali

In just two years, CrossFit WAF has climbed the ladder, finishing fourth this year after the Open in Canada East and qualifying for Regionals.

The team, We Are Fitness, plans to make a statement at the Canada East Regional this weekend.

The women’s side is dominated by three sisters — Kristine Andali, Jenine Andali and Leanne O’Hagan — and 2012 Regional third-place finisher, Rebecca Clingersmith.

“I was always going team,” says Clingersmith who surprised many by choosing to go team earlier this year.

On the men’s side is Russell Pettypiece, the team captain, CrossFit WAF coach Bill Thurston, Justin Grove, gym owner and coach Graham O’Hagan.

Five of the eight members were invited to the individual competition in Canada East after the Open.

“We all decided to stick together as a team,” Leanne O’Hagan says. “The group has an end goal in mind: making it to California, and we know this is our best chance.”

According to Leanne, the strength of the team is its balance.

“Depending on the workout, we have eight different people that could lead the team,” she says. “The four girls were all national level gymnasts and have the ability to make heavy weight look as effortless as bodyweight movements. Although the guys don’t have the same background, you’d never know to watch them perform.”

Graham O’Hagan has been working with the team for the past two years.

“Graham’s unique and challenging programs have made a lot of the team’s weaknesses disappear,” Leanne says. “The WAF monthly PR board has become somewhat of a healthy competition between team members.”

With two years of preparation behind them, WAF is ready for Regionals, and they are hoping for results.

”We’ve been trying to perfect most movements over the past few months. This year, unlike last, seems to be very bodyweight oriented, which favors our athletes,” she says. “Hopefully Sunday will see Team WAF on the podium and on their way to California for the Games."