May 29, 2012
Preparing for 2013: Shoreline CrossFit
By Andréa Maria Cecil

As soon as the Games is over, Shoreline CrossFit plans to start training for 2013.

As soon as the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games is over, Shoreline CrossFit plans to start training for 2013.

The Connecticut team won the Open and ended up in 6th place at the North East Regional.

The team placed 16th in the first event — the team Diane — when the bar rolled off the platform and into the grass. After that, some no-reps followed.

But Shoreline won the second event, which team member Lauren Plumey described as “amazing.”

“That was one we strategized at home,” says the 2009 and 2010 Games competitor.

On Day 2, Shoreline finished 15th on the third event, then placed 6th in the fourth event. On the following day, the team again managed a 6th-place finish in Event 5. It finished 4th in the final event of the three-day competition.

“We ended it on a really positive note,” says David Plumey, the team’s coach. “I feel really confident that they did well despite a couple of errors.”

It was the first time Lauren Plumey competed on the team after being an individual athlete in years past.

“We were very inconsistent,” she says of the team. “Every other workout we seemed to do well.”

Plumey blames herself for the team’s performance on Event 4.

“We did better at home,” she explains. “My quads sizzled.”

As far as continuing to compete as part of a team, Plumey says she’s undecided as to what she’ll do next year.

“I think I’m more of an individual competitor because I’m a control freak,” she says with a laugh.

Previously she had said she went team this year because she planned on getting pregnant next year. At the end of Day 3, however, she said she was undecided.

Plumey notes that sharing a win with a team is much more satisfying than a win as an individual competitor.

Shoreline’s 1st-place finish on Event 2 was “my second-favorite moment in CrossFit,” she says.

Had she competed as an individual at this year’s Regional, she wouldn’t have qualified for the Games, Plumey says.

The snatch ladder and Event 6 “would have shredded me,” she explains.

“I think I’m good with myself,” she continues. “In my head, the things I say to myself you can’t put in writing. I curse at myself. … I want to just blame myself at the end of the day.”