March 22, 2012
The Plan: Best Female in Latin America
By Thomas Patton

“Every day is different and you are always learning something new,” she says. “You need to improve yourself each day.”

On January 22, a coach from CrossFit Jundiaí in Brazil posted, on the Latin America Region Facebook page, a video of a new female CrossFitter doing a 2:37 Grace. The new name was that of Anita Pravatti. That day, we were introduced to a new competitive athlete in the region.

Pravatti, a 25-year-old physical education teacher, competed nationally in swimming for seven years of her life. After, she dove briefly into powerlifting, but for the last two years, she has been a CrossFitter. Eventually, she became a co-owner at CrossFit Jundiai.

Pravatti was preparing for the Open with more than seven workouts per week. “I’m psychologically and physically prepared, and I think to win the Games [what] is necessary [is] willpower and I have it,” she says.  

What she likes the most about CrossFit is the unknown. “Every day is different and you are always learning something new,” she says. “You need to improve yourself each day.”

She says her life has definitely changed since she started CrossFit. “I am now open to learn different modalities and new challenges, not just in training, but to be more strong to [stand up to my] fears in life.”

She likes being an inspiration to the students and athletes at her box and enjoys most of her weekends together with her community from her box.

After four weeks of the Open, Pravatti is sitting in 1st place in Latin America. She began the Open with a 2nd place finish in 12.1 (114 burpees), 6th place in 12.2 (75 snatches) and 1st in 12.3 (387 – 10 rounds, 15 box jumps and 12 push presses).

“At the first one, it felt really hard mentally, and at the second one, I could’ve done better,” she admits. “But I am generally happy with the results.”

After finishing in the top spot for 12.3, she was ecstatic. “I am really happy, but still can’t believe it. It’s been a dream for me,” she says.

Surprisings, maybe, but no accident. “My plans are to be No. 1 in Latin America, but I know it’s not easy,” she says. “That’s why I’ve been training hard. I don’t want to rush this process. My time will come.”

With one workout to go, Pravatti is on track to meet her goal - she's ranked first in Latin America with a lead of six points over her nearest competitor.