May 16, 2014
North West Team Report: Day 1
By Ivory Carr and Tim McIntosh
North West teams started the day with muscle-ups and clean and jerks.
North West teams started the day with muscle-ups and clean and jerks.

North West teams started the day with muscle-ups and clean and jerks.

Team Event 1

To start the 2014 North West Regional team competition, the teams went through relay of muscle-ups and clean and jerks.

With all six teammates required in the relay, no one with weak muscle-ups could hide. Several teams got hung up when their teammate struggled on the rings. Few struggled with the clean and jerks.

While CrossFit Marysville took a respectable third place on the event with a time of 10:03, teammate Ashleigh Moe assured us this isn’t the best we’ll see from them this weekend.

“We knew going in that first one would be our worst workout of the weekend,” Moe said.

When asked about their overall goal for the weekend, Moe simply replied: “To win.”

CrossFit Fort Vancouver and CrossFit Intensity fought for the lead, with Fort Vancouver winning the event in 9:01 and Intensity following in 9:13.

Team Event 1
CrossFit Fort Vancouver (9:01)
2. CrossFit Intensity (9:13)
3. CrossFit Marysville (10:03)

Team Event 2

Soon after the relay, the teams showed off their strength and accuracy in the one-rep-max hang squat snatch event.

The teams had just eight minutes to set a one-rep max for each of their six teammates. Adding to the challenge, they were given only two-attempts per teammate.

Kelsey Nagel of CrossFit Marysville hang squat snatched 175 lb.—which would have put her ahead of Caitlin Anderson, Molly Hunsinger, and Rory Zambard had she competed in the women’s division. With her teammates’ help, CrossFit Marysville totaled 1,100 lb. to take the team Event 2 win.

“Today was the biggest room for error so the rest of the weekend will be fun,” Nagel said.

CrossFit Loft followed 45 lb. behind Marysville for second on the event (1,055 lb.). Like Marysville, CrossFit Loft featured a female teammate who was able to snatch more than the individual competitors. Annie Olson pulled, dove, and caught 170 lb. before standing up to the cheers from her fans. 

With a total of 1,055 lb. and a third place finish, Boise CrossFit’s Cameron Pernich easily snatched 245 lb,. and narrowly missed 265 lb. Pernich said he expected to hit the heavier weight.

“The 245 seriously felt like 10 lb. so I was disappointed to barely miss the 265,” Pernich said.

Team Event 2
CrossFit Marysville (1,100 lb.)
2. CrossFit Loft (1,055 lb.)
3. Boise CrossFit (1,050 lb.)

Team Event 3

Two minutes after the hang squat snatches, the teams kicked up into handstands and tried to walk down the 120-foot competition floor.

With a max score of 120 feet per competitor, a perfect score on the event is 720 feet.

CrossFit Coeur d’Alene averaged nearly 98 feet per teammate, walking a total of 585 feet for the event win.

The performance even surprised CrossFit Coeur d’Alene team captain, Jonathan Burns.

“Five of our athletes did what we knew they were capable of,” Burns said. “The wild card was Kevin (Rodland) who couldn’t do a handstand two weeks ago. With coaching from the team he focused on the skill and his performance was the icing on the cake today.”

Team Event 3
1. CrossFit Coeur d’Alene (545 feet)
2. CrossFit Marysville (520 feet)
3T. CrossFit Fort Vancouver (480 feet)
3T. X-Factor CrossFit (480 feet)

Overall Standings
1. CrossFit Marysville (6)
2. CrossFit Fort Vancouver (8)
3. CrossFit Intensify (17)
4. CrossFit Coeur d’Alene (18)
5. X-Factor Black (23)
6. CrossFit Advantage (24)
7. Boise CrossFit (25)
8. StoneWay CrossFit (25)
9. CrossFit Loft (30)
10. Eugene CrossFit (34)