August 31, 2017
New CrossFit Division in Ragnar Relays
By CrossFit
Participate in a Ragnar Relay and don't forget to sign up for the new official CrossFit division! 
Participate in a Ragnar Relay and don't forget to sign up for the new official CrossFit division! 

CrossFit Inc. is excited to announce an official CrossFit Division with Ragnar Relay! A Ragnar Relay is a long-distance running relay that takes place in the most breathtaking places in the world. Teams conquer a course over two days and one night with friends and a community of runners by their side.

Similar to CrossFit, Ragnar Relay is a community-driven organization and the new relationship will result in a dedicated CrossFit Division in all 2018 Ragnar Relay Events.   

“Every day CrossFit athletes train to improve their fitness,” said Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games. “Joining forces with Ragnar allows them to take that fitness outdoors in an official CrossFit Division. The experience of racing as a team over two days will force people out of their comfort zones and add new depth to their relationships outside the box.”

The official CrossFit Division at Ragnar Relay races will allow local area CrossFit affiliates to compete against each other for the chance to win a limited-edition 80-lb. kettlebell trophy, and of course local bragging rights. The CrossFit Division will be found on both the Road Relay and the Trail Relay Series, totaling 38 events across the U.S., Canada and the UK.  

Members of local CrossFit affiliates can sign up for the dedicated CrossFit Division on the Ragnar website at CrossFit participants will experience special perks, including a dedicated start time, their own divisional trophy and custom experiences at the start and finish lines.   

The team at Ragnar is excited for the opportunity to collaborate with CrossFit.

“We are thrilled to work with CrossFit’s passionate community,” said Chris Infurchia, CEO of Ragnar Relay. “The two organizations’ shared focus on fitness and team building made us incredibly excited about the partnership potential.”  

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